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  • Scared that the sheriff is going to come knocking at your door?
  • Gloomy at the thought of your goods being repossessed?
  • Tired of having creditors on your case?

We have a mind-blowing solution for YOU!

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Clear My Debt Benefits Include:

  • Get a free credit report
  • Reduce your debt and restore your credit score
  • Get customised debt repayment solutions
  • Find a debt counsellor to negotiate with creditors on your behalf
  • Reduce interest rates on your outstanding debt
  • Prevent having to declare yourself bankrupt or insolvent
  • Protect your assets from repossession
  • Regain control over your financial situation


Debt Counselling

With the help of a debt management specialist, you can enjoy the benefits of a restructured debt repayment plan with lower interest rates.

Consolation Loans

Stay a step ahead of your debts by pooling multiple loan payment obligations into a single, smaller payment. Get lower interest rates and fix your credit score fast.

How Clear My Debt Works connects you (for free) with the most helpful debt consolidation agents in South Africa. Our partners will advise and guide you to financial freedom.
The process of debt relief is fairly straightforward, and if you follow our partner's plans you will find financial freedom in as little as 24-64 months.
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Debt review can take up to 64 months with the option to buy yourself out before then.